Destination weddings in India have once again topped Google search trends as wedding season approaches! Let's not forget the traditional beach villas in Goa for weddings, even though the royal Jaipur weddings have been the "IT" thing for a long time. When the sun sets into the seashore waters, picture your guests enjoying your pheras while dancing to the music of Maahi Ve. As absurd as it may sound, organising a wedding in Goa may be difficult.

Thus, here is a comprehensive list that includes everything from the top wedding venues in Goa to food and lodging options for wedding guests, all in one place.

Valley Meadows Farm is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Goa.

Nestled among unrivalled wilderness, swaying palms, and endless tranquilly, Valley Meadows Farm is an eclectic mix of affordability and opulence. This luxurious vacation property is filled with unique adventures and ideal for a small Goa wedding. The villas in Goa itself exudes exclusivity as it is hidden from the prying eyes of the bustling Goan city life and is tucked away in the peace and pleasure of Assonara. The house is practically ideal for anything with its large gardens, private pool, designated stage, and cabana!

The one-of-a-kind drawing room smoothly opens out to the calm panoramas of the immaculate lawns, blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor settings. The on-site restaurant and chef offer mouthwatering treats as you savour the magnificent surroundings of the property.

For A Luxurious Beach Wedding, Consider the Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia Resort.

The Dona Sylvia Resort by Novotel is truly a marriage of weddings and pleasure. This treasure is tucked away along the south Goa coast, far from any noise. They provide the ideal location for an unforgettable meeting, whether it is in the cool outside or the warm indoors. This is one of the greatest beachfront destination wedding destinations in Goa since it combines all of these amenities with grounds that face the ocean, talented chefs that create wonderful cuisine, and much more.

Wedding at The Zuri White Sands in Goa

This resort has a lot of open space, lush landscaping, one of Goa's biggest pools, a private beach with stunning sunset views, and an on-site casino. It will be nothing short of a dream to plan your wedding here.

A Charming Beach Wedding at Caravela Beach Resort

For a tropical, intimate wedding, Aldeamar by StayVista offers an atmosphere befitting of royal royalty. Aldeamar is the ideal location if you want short and sweet things and are organising a stunning, private wedding. Aldeamar is the ideal wedding venue in Goa for an intimate wedding because of its open layout and blurred distinctions between interior and outside.

Employ a local wedding planner while planning a wedding in Goa.

Do you believe that the bride and the groom play significant roles at weddings? Hardly. A competent wedding planner is unquestionably necessary while organising a destination wedding in India. And if you choose the correct one, your wedding will undoubtedly go off without a hitch. It is strongly advised that you hire a local wedding planner if you're organising a destination wedding in Goa because it will make your life so much simpler!

Accommodations If you're organising a destination wedding in Goa, you may need to think about lodging, catering, and making sure your guests are comfortable. The cost of a premium accommodation could range from Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 15,000.

An easier and much cost effective way to go about this would be to book StayVista villas in Goa & let us take care of your precious guests. We have a few clusters of villas in close proximities that will help your guests enjoy a luxurious & holistic stay, along with it costing you way less.

For more details, get in touch with our Events & Experiences team and we will get the best deals for you!